The production of garlic and shallot seed has long been a specialty of our operations and complement the marketing of onions.
Always striving to bring more quality, we hope that our products will give you full satisfaction.
You will find below our different packages depending on the type of product, please note that different sizes are available (see order form)
To enhance your sales to your customers, we offer the widest choice of varieties including recent garlic varieties (Thérador and MESSIDOR) and in shallot (pesandor)


Several possibilities exist for the small package, depending on the weight and the number of nets in the more traditional boxes and bags so "standard" (20 to 25kg) with a sending box cartons, all of which are also based on the selected caliber.
The first example is the caliber the more commercialized .

20 kg bag = Around 1100 kg (55 bags) / palet 100x120  et box carton a height of 1.60 meters
5 kg bag = 900 kg(180 bags)
net 1 kg=10 nets by box 
net 500 gr =25 nets by box
net 250 gr =40 nets by box
net 5 bulbs   =25 nets by box
net 10 bulbes   = 10 nets by box


bag 20 kg   = Around 1200 kg(60 bags) per pallet 100x120 cardboard box and a height of 1.60 mèters
bag 5 kg  =  Around 1000 kg(200 bags)
net 1 kg  =15 nets per box
net 500 gr  =30 nets per box
net 250 gr  =50 nets per box


Bag de 25 kg  =Around 1250 kg (50 bags) per pallet 100x120 cardboard box and a height of 1.40 mèters
Bag de 5 kg  =Around 1000 kg(200 bags)  
net 1 kg  =15 nets per box
net 500 gr  = 30 nets per box
net 250 gr  =50 nets per box

For shipping (small package), it is possible to put 45 cartons (58x38x19 cm) on a 100x120 palette.
For good stability and good ventilation, it will be filmed (plastic grille) with a square cardboard in each corner.

In addition to the official documents on the label WinGlass the name and address may be printed.
The bulb is packed in the tubular net (color set)
Closing the net is through automatic stapling.


Lots of onion bulblets, Bulbs of SHALLOT and garlic They were preserved in optimal conditions until the shipping. The efficiency of this preservation can be reduced in a considerable way by an inadequate preservation .Il is recommended to store, in an airy, dry and frost free place and rather in wooden boxes or in a place offering a very good ventilation. The preservation has to limit itself to a short duration. Il est important de planter dans les plus courts délais .


We are at your disposal for your estimate transport
We can assure an excellent report QUALIT-PRICE
Our warehouse is situated between Lyon ( 69 ) and Avignon ( 84 )

Our company or warehouse is situated between Valence (26) and Crest, by the highway A7 to exit Valence Sud and to follow the departementale Crest-Die-Gap (Secondary road n�111) and after the village of montoison, in 4km to the left, you arrived.

Carrier for France for the small volumes (of 20kgs in 300 kg)
We work closely with several carriers for all shipping volumes throughout France and Europe.

Our delivery times are very short, our location in the Rhone corridor, including a motorway service very close, minimize travel time.
Possibility of shipping in all European countries.

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